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  1. We are registered under the Data Protection Act in the UK.
  2. We will never give or sell your personal details to other parties, except when our site integrates with other services. Such integrations are always at your behest, and include (but are not limited to) Gravatar, Facebook, Twitter.
  3. We may share your data with NCFE if you visit or use the NCFE Collaboration Kitchen area of the site.
  4. We retain your user details purely for the operation of the XtLearn service.
  5. You can change the details we hold on you at any time by visiting the Edit profile page within the site. You'll soon be able to delete your profile there too. (In the mean time, please drop us an email, including your user-name.)
  6. We track user activity within the site, and the activity of other people clicking on links (such as the learner and peer URLs for your collections) for purposes of personalisation of your experience, to provide you with reports on how your collections and resources are used, and for our internal reporting processes. We use cookies to do this.
  7. We use cookies to monitor page visits and remember who you are.
  8. Although we don't do so currently, we may serve advertisements on the site, which will always clearly be flagged as such. However adverts will never be shown on pages specifically designed for learners.

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