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X You can do plenty with XtLearn for free, but to really harness its power and efficiency, your organisation can subscribe to XtLearn Plus.

Here's how the two service levels compare:

Feature XtLearn XtLearn +
Learner Themes Basic selection Wide selection
Create your own resources Limited to 8 resources Create unlimited resources
Personal file space Limited to 200Mb Use up to 2Gb
Organisation file space Limited to 200Mb Use up to 1Tb
Copy other user's collections No Yes
Collaborative collections No Yes
Projects Use others' projects Create and run projects
Classifications Use standard Create and use your own schemes
Org Management None Full control
New feature preview - Preview exciting new features

Plus subscriptions are acquired by organisations, not individual users. Once an organisation becomes "plus", all users that are validated members of that organisation enjoy plus benefits, for as long as both the membership and subscription are in place.

Four levels of subscription are available. Each comes with extra benefits, including the benefits of lower levels. We take a flexible approach, and can create a custom subscription level that suits your needs and budget.

Level Users Extra benefits
ĻPlus Bronze Bronze Up to 30
  • 2Gb organisational file space
  • 2Gb file space for each user
  • Moodle training courses: beginner & advanced
  • Priority email support
ļPlus Silver Silver Up to 100
  • 80Gb organisational file space
  • FTP access to org's file space
  • Phone and email support
  • Own moderation of Moodle training course
  • Activity reporting *
ľPlus Gold Gold Up to 400
  • 400Gb organisational file space
  • Your own custom Learner Theme
  • 1 day CPD
  • Webinar support
ĿPlus Platinum Platinum Up to 1,000
  • 1Tb organisational file space
  • Customised support
  * - feature arriving soon.

Contact us to discuss a subscription.

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