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Funded by the UK Government to support learners and organisations in the post-16 sector, the NLN Materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK - hundreds of small, free, flexible bite-sized episodes of learning.

Using the NLN Materials in XtLearn

Xtensis are the developers of both XtLearn and the most recent versions of the NLN website. From 2015, XtLearn is now the official hosting platform for the materials, and provides the best way to present the materials to learners. To do so, simply browse the NLN area of the site, and once you reach a Learning Object details page, click the Collect button to add it to one of your collections.

How XtLearn makes NLN better

Using NLN resources within XtLearn brings several advantages whether used standalone or in collections. Each has a custom thumbnail image, tidied metadata, and a neat, compact navigation system. Resources can be shared on any platform with no need to download. Using XtLearn collections is optional, but lets you mix NLN content seamlessly with any other resource (and your own text nodes), and lets you show a specific node within multi-page NLN resources, should you wish, all without worrying about downloads, compatability, or updates.

Import your NLN Collections into XtLearn

Before July 2011, the site allowed you to create collections of NLN materials. If you used the site back then, and are still delivering such collections to learners (or would like to resurrect one), this section is for you.

XtLearn lets you convert those old NLN collections into XtLearn collections. All data will be preserved, access to the NLN Materials will be just as easy, and you can edit and share your XtLearn collections in new and powerful ways, including the ability to mix NLN resources with materials from other sites, and your own materials. If you know the learner's view of the NLN collection, visit it, and follow the instructions there to convert that particular collection.

Alternatively, visit here to import multiple collections from your organisation:


Many years ago we released an unsupported tool to allow Moodle tutors easily add NLN resources to their courses. Though outdated, we will maintain access to the NLN Materials Browser for Moodle ("Noodle") while we develop an alternative. The new version will follow the Noodle model, but allow adding of any resource or collection on XtLearn.

Note that links already added to courses using Noodle will always work, and no action is required.

Using the NLN Materials outside of XtLearn

The NLN area of the site provides direct links to the NLN content and links to download packages for each Learning Object. Downloads retain our Scorm/Standalone hybrid format, which allows import into a VLE, using Scorm 1.2, or usage on DVD/Intranet. For the latter, the launch file is /harness/frameset.htm

The text of this page (but not images, video or other media) is available for modification and reuse under the terms of the
Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License.