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This page lets you edit every element of your collection.

Move your mouse over each area of the red panel to see more information about that bit.

Use the Tasks list for extra functions, including adding bit of text and resources you've created or previously gathered using the XtAdd button, sharing this page with colleagues (as opposed to sharing the Learner View with learners), or deleting the entire collection.


Make your title as specific as possible. Imagine someone else viewing it in a list. Cannot be left blank.


Setting a thumbnail for your collection is optional, but highly recommended, especially if sharing it with colleagues. Collection thumbnails appear in the following places:

  1. Within the Learner View. (If you haven't set a thumbnail, an Xt icon will be shown instead.)
  2. When sharing on Facebook and other external sites, the thumbnail will be used.
  3. When collections are made visible on an organisation's page in the community section, the collections are shown with their thumbnails.

Selecting a thumbnail is easy - click the button to choose, and you have the option to use a picture file from your file space, an image somewhere else on the web, or the thumbnail of one of the resources in your collection.

Learner Description

This optional field is for summarising the collection for your learners. You could use it to describe the contents, for example, or explicitly link the resources to a certain lesson or scheme of work.

Learners will see this text when they follow a Learner URL to your collection.

Peer Description

This optional field is for summarising this collection for colleagues. You could simply describe the contents, or go into the pedagogical reasoning behind their inclusion, for example.

Colleagues will see this text when they follow a Peer URL to your collection.


This optional field is for any notes you want to keep to yourself. You could leave yourself a reminder to check a certain content provider for more related resources, for example.

Notes are only ever visible to the owner of the collection.


This setting affects whether other educators can view and use your collection - whether directly or by making a copy of their own. It does not affect whether learners can view the collection. Anyone with the learner URL can view the learner view of the collection.

There are three levels available:

  • Private - only you can view your collection
  • Organisation - only users registered to the same organisation(s) as you can view and use the collection.
  • Public - any XtLearn user can view and copy the collection

If made visible, the collection appears in the community section, and may also be indexed by search engines.

Collections Contents

This area lets you edit the contents of your collection.

Drag a resource up and down the list to reorder it.

To see further things you can do with a resource, click its title to see an expanded view. The edit panel that appears lets you:

  • Change the title and description, perhaps to give a more context-sensitive view of the resource. (This applies only to this collection. If you've used the resource in other collections, they will not be affected.)
  • If you have changed the title or description, you'll be offered links to revert them back to the original title/description stored with the resource.
  • View the resource's content and/or info page on the external site, or the more info link to view the resource's information page within XtLearn. (These links open in a new window, so your editing will not be interrupted.)
  • Remove the resource from the collection.

Remember to click the Save button to save any changes to that resource, and the large Save Changes button to save the whole collection.

The text of this page (but not images, video or other media) is available for modification and reuse under the terms of the
Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License and the GNU Free Documentation License.