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IT skills ECDL

IT skills ECDL Help icon Click the thumbnail to set it. Thumbnails are important for visually distinguishing your collection from others, especially when sharing your collection with others.
Help icon Click the title to edit. Make your title as specific as possible. Imagine someone else viewing it in a list.
anne2013 Help icon Click to edit. The learner description is a summary of the collection, shown to learners. You may also use this as a brief introduction, include links to further sites, or any other information useful for learners.
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Help icon Tags are used for enabling searching and organising your collections, and for including them in projects.
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Click customise to change the way the collection looks to learners, including theme and layout.
Click share for lots of ways to share this collection with learners.
0 followers learner views learner sessions Usage statistics for this collection.
loading... Any registered user may add a comment on this collection.
In this section you can edit the contents of your collection. To reorder, drag and drop the items. Click a node to edit the title, description and thumbnail, and to see more details about the resource.
Add to the collection using the tasks list.