New perspectives on modern e-learning

This is a Collection of 10 ideas, wrapped up in a series of resources and illustrations that explores how modern and emerging technology can, by good teacher design, help students get the most from their learning experiences.

These are all ideas relating teaching practice, but totally based on current and emerging possibilities of what can be done wholly or substantially through technology, or should be done because of the place of technology in the modern world our students live and work in. In all cases, the technology follows good teaching and learning.

The approach is to refer to them all not as challenges but rather frontiers. Challenges suggests that the progress of technology and human behaviour towards it is a choice or option that we choose to accept or duck. They are 'frontiers' we are crossing rather than ‘challenges' because cross them we will as the world moves us on; the question is in what condition we will be in as we do it.

I have used my own three principles for the use of technology in learning:

1. Preparing everyone for living and working in a digital society
2. Developing and demonstrating employability and skills for self-employability and active citizenship
3. Support learning as a life-long habit

Geoff Rebbeck QTLS

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July 2016